Why Black Ties Express Formality and Superiority

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Published: 21st July 2010
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Neckties and bow ties are common add-ons on any man's attire. These are things men cannot live without since they are prone to going to parties to escort a female or just to talk business with associates and colleagues. Way back, the most prominent and conventional color of ties is black. Black ties are now worn in social gatherings by men in many events.

Men with high ranks or position in the society are often the ones to wear formal attires and, most of the time, they are wearing black neckties. These come in silk fabrics which are admired for the high quality they possess. Considering that silk is an expensive garment it makes the tie more renowned to the elite and upper class for these people are often the contents of exclusive formal parties in prestigious nights and ceremonies.

This concept has coined the black tie to be a formal accessory for men. Even in business firms today, presidents and CEOs are often seen in their black neckties. Hence, black neckties are inappropriate to wear in casual parties since it carries the formality and superiority characteristics.

It is in the mid 80's when slim black ties are making the fashion genre in the heat. Most men are considering the slimmer tie because they appear versatile in accommodating both formal and semi-formal events. They come in satin and the basic silk black tie is still very popular. Then there is that time that the slimmer one has become wider. They seem to be less formal but they are being used as fashion statements in catwalks by well-known designers of modern times.

Black bow ties are as well very common in the world of fashion. You can see them everywhere from waiters' attire to school uniforms of boys. Girls are even wearing them in their uniforms too. The famous New York is associated to this black bow tie with tall hats overhead and a wooden cane in one hand.

Various patterns of black ties can make the tie more stunning. The common designs for formal wear are those in stripes patterns. These are perfect examples to wear over a white shirt if you are attending a black tie event. The more pattern you have on your tie the lesser its appropriation for formal events. Take for example; the black big dotted ties are never "in" for those kinds of events. Black silk tie is the safest tie to wear if you are not sure about the kind of party to attend.
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