What Shirts to Wear with Deep Red Ties

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Published: 21st July 2010
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Finding the right shirt for your ties can be confusing sometimes. In any fashion there are rules to consider and follow. Proper matching and coordination are the keys in making the desired look. Shirts can play a vital role in the whole attire. Thus, you need to be very cautious in choosing the appropriate shirts with your neckties. The ties as well are very dependent on the shirt you want to wear. The safest and basic shirt is the plain white. You can wear any necktie you want with white shirts. However, in white ties over white shirts you need to have each in different fabric with one in glossy and the other one in matte or dull surface.

Deep red ties are very attractive. Most men are afraid to wear them because of the prominent color that they dread of mismatching with the other suit elements. Little did they know that deep red ties are easier to handle than the other colored neckties. The basic step here is to know the rule of appropriation.

To start off, aside from the white shirt, the best color of shirt to wear with a deep red tie is the pale blue shirt. As you can see in the color wheel the two colors are great combo. The lighter blue will illuminate the darker color of the tie. Aside from the solid dark red tie, you can also wear with the light blue shirt the tie in stripes of dark red and navy blue. Try to test on other colors and designs of dark red ties. There are patterns in paisley which are also great for this light blue shirt. Dotted deep red ties are also an option to consider.

Next is the light pink shirt. The trick here is to make the deep red tie stand out. By pairing it with a light pink shirt the shirt will serve as a canvass where you can present the desired dark red tie with specific patterns. Therefore, the deep red striped ties are also a good match for the light pink shirt.

Printed shirts are very tricky to handle and I personally don't require them if you are a beginner in doing this. Another color to stay away with deep red ties is the green shirt. The two don't just look great together. They tend to give you Christmas-inspired attire. If you check your color wheel they are actually opposing each other.

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