Revival of Skinny Ties

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Published: 17th March 2010
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Planning to buy skinny ties? If yes, then the kind of features that you need to consider a lot. From the ties' facet, select your favourite ties by preferring the right colour, perfect size and exact combination. From the point of view of a person who is wearing them, it will look perfectly upon lean men or someone having a moderate personality. Accompanied with other accessories, these ties will look best upon formal wear. The looks will get enhanced more when you choose the right colour combination. For example, if you are wearing a white tie, then you need to prefer black tie and vice versa.

The first instance of skinny ties has been spotted during the 70s. The trend carried till late 80s. With the emergence of ties of different shapes and sizes, the downslide has begun for ties that are skinny since then. As it is thought to be not good looking upon all men, especially those men with heavy personality, the options of wearing them have been limited. Another turn off was that it could be worn mostly for formal and official occasions. People appeared to be clumsy while sporting skinny ties during casual events such as birthday parties and marriage anniversaries. Also, the looks of a skinny tie will get optimised only when it is worn in combination with a suit or a blazer.

Considering the present scenario, the revival of skinny ties has met with mixed response. Some feel that there is absolutely no need of whatsoever to revive this trend as there are already many options available for men regarding various ties of different shapes and sizes are readily available. In contrast, others think that skinny ties will bring the fashion of ties back to life. This is because people are getting turned off with the regular display of conventional ties. With the introduction of skinny ties, a fresh change has been brought in that is bound to influence the accessories segment of men's fashion for years to come.

Nevertheless, one perceives the changing trends of fashion in an apprehensive way; the impact created by skinny ties will remain the same. As of now, the popularity of skinny ties has been on an ascending note. Every industry is admiring the features of such ties. Be it film industry or sports, many celebrities are found to be increasingly in favour of wearing a skinny tie. It needs to be seen that how the ordinary public will react to this trend.

Before buying a skinny tie, consider all features such as shape, size and colour from the variety of skinny ties available at the DQT store.

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