Emerald Green Ties for a Calming and Neutral Look

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Published: 21st July 2010
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Green is a very intriguing color. Some say the color is a bad representation of one's personality but look what they are actually missing out! Emerald green ties are not unusual ties at all. They have been worn by most men way back in time. Normally, you can see these ties in weddings and themed parties with emerald green as the setting color. Furthermore, their appearances in many other formal parties and events are rampant too. This is just a sign that the green thing is becoming a choice by many preppy individuals living in a modern world of fashion.

The green represents the calming nature while the emerald is a precious stone. The combination of both is a good blend of both worlds. Green is a natural balancer of different elements. Thus, with emerald-inspired green ties you incredibly look cool and charming! Emerald green ties come in different patterns and designs too. There are the stripes and dotted designs which are very elegant in a black suit with white shirt. Shirts in beige are also good combination for these ties. A tie with small prints in black is very lovely and stunning on this shirt.

There are certain colors that don't go with emerald green ties. Examples of which are the purple and green. Don't wear them on shirts with such colors so as not to look incongruous and out of fashion. As a fashion klutz wearing any color with the other is very important for colors are great indicators of personalities. They can define or obstruct the impression you want to make. And to create a neutral look simply means less in color and properly coordinated with the others. Since emerald green ties are naturally lustrous a downside partners of them are the fabrics of shirt of the same kind as the ties. Anything that is matte and dull in appearance is the best shirt fabric to have on an emerald green tie.

You can enjoy the feeling of being young and crisp with the ties in emerald color. This choice is absolutely an excellent choice for those beginning to take another course of life or just want to try on a lighter look. The luminosity and vibrant color will make you stand out among others and that will make you feel good about yourself. With your emerald green ties you know you are always a few steps ahead.

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