Different Patterns of Orange Ties – What Do They Tell About Your Personality

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Published: 05th August 2010
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How much do you adore orange ties but just can't get the guts of wearing them? Don't be afraid in wearing happy and fresh colors such as the orange for you could actually wear it in accordance to the personality you want to share. Here are the tips on the different patterns on orange ties and what message such patterns tell the others.

Solid (Plain)

This is the basic orange tie probably most men have. They also come in different shade to complement different colors of shirts. A dark orange tie is a good pair for a lighter orange shirt and vice versa. White shirts, of course, will always satisfy you with the matching. This pattern conveys a personality that is bold and very conservative. If you are then you can wear this type with confidence although there are guidelines in color coordination to follow.


Like the solid one they are representation of a conservative personality. The finer the stripes are the more conservative. Way back, orange striped ties are only used in school uniforms but in the long process they are widely accepted as formal accessories in weddings and other formal occasions.


Check patterns can also be used in your daily attire. They convey a reserved personality and so they are perfect too for your workplace. Checks are those patterns with lines intercrossing one another creating squares which can either be small or big. They are usually worn by men in Great Britain with high ranks but later on they became available to the any fashionable man. Orange check ties will naturally balance the open and reserved personality you have.


A solid orange tie with small dots is very appealing. Dotted ties are also very acceptable in corporate world depending on the sizes of the dots and color. The bigger the sizes the louder it is. For a conservative yet trendy look small and fine dots are appropriate to wear. You can have the white or gray small dots in an orange silk tie. However, big dots are too way informal and you should avoid such patterns in workplace. Informal parties are where they belong to.


From the name itself you can tell that the patterns are related to geometric figures such as lines, polygons and the like. Like the dotted, the bigger the definition is the more informal it looks. Again, if you are considering a geometry-inspired orange tie go for minimal patterns.

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