A Successful Debut Party with Coral Ties

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Published: 21st July 2010
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Becoming a lady is what most female teenagers are looking forward to. Debut marks the days of independence for those wanting to live all by themselves or another chapter of their lives to savor the things they just used to reminisce in their younger years. This is a special day worth remembering and a sign of welcoming the celebrant to adulthood.

My friend, Lara, is going to celebrate her 18th birthday next month. Her gown is already cut and only a few touches are needed to be done. Since she's a coral color lover she decided to make it the motif of her big day. Our friends and I have also gone to dress shops for the coral gowns to wear. The 18 roses are as well prepared with the coral ties and matching coral pocket squares on their suits. The concept is so amazing that makes me more excited than the celebrant is.

Her big event comes and the setting was so terrific with coral balloons and table set-ups all over the place. The debutant in white gown with strips of coral sequins in her chest and along the length of her skirt. She looks like one of the Walt Disney princesses with the beautiful make-up and curly hairdo.

Normally, as I get used to attending parties like this one, men's suit are just paired with black ties and other color of ties of their choice. But this one is different since the coral theme is deliberately included in the coral ties of the males tasked to give the 18 roses to the debutant. The party setting has gained recognition and praise to almost anyone there in the party and, of course, that includes me.

Sometimes in order to make a difference we need to step out from the traditional outfit. Celebration like a debut deserves a personal touch from the celebrant since the party is for her. Traditionally, debut parties reflect the personalities of the celebrants and the coral ties just match the personality of my friend.

My younger sister is turning 18 next year and I am planning to do the same set-up with her coming party. I am amazed to know that the coral ties are actually ordered by Lara's mother in the internet at a reasonable cost. If you want the males to provide their own suit you can tell them ahead about the occasion's motif and the dress code requirement. You can even refer them to shop online for the coral ties.

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